Kate Moss, Hince, The Hills, Wedding, YSL, Galliano

Kate Moss
The iconic model, the only one with a caracteristic and unique style has married with Jamie Hince, the guitar player  for The Hills

Thinking about it, this was the only way she could get married, with a rockstar, a dress from Galliano, shoes from Blahnik; guests like Vivienne Westwood and Iggy Pop performing in their 3 days festival wedding.

I know the outfit she used for her rehearsal was a blue vintage style... one outfit only her could make work!
This wedding has become my dream wedding, the most classy, simple, fashionable, and unique one.
Hince's best man was her band mate and singer Alison. He used an YSL suit for the ceremony and another from the same brand for the party...
What's not to like?
This is and will be the one and only wedding

Congrats to the happy couple