Royal Wedding Dress

I haven't been able to write in a long time, less to do a decent post, but now.. I'll try.
I just wrote a little note about the Royal Wedding, and it was published. (yei for me). The thing is it was really a little note, and very difficult for me to avoid every little detail about Kate's dress. Not to mention I loved McQueen and I still love his brand. I think Burton is really doing a great job!!!
My only passion is fashion. Little details, dream about a really beautiful peace I can´t have, but maybe someday.
So I dream about:
Writting a post about Kate's dress, about all the details in the handmade lace, handmade shoes, and please don´t forget the Cartier Tiara...
But thinking like another little person in the world, (that didn't see the Royal Wedding but knows every detail of it), I'm also thinking ... "Well, maybe someone already did that..."

So I'm gonna share some news, posts, and other little things I've been reading about McQueen, and the wedding dress... just to complete the story.
Hope you enjoy it.

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